Monday, March 31, 2014

Tiny Joys. Rich Life. Simple Living.

"What will I do with what I've been given?" I believe this is one of the greatest questions any person can ask themselves. Time, money, resources, friends, family, health, intellect. These are all gifts -or if you'd rather, responsibilities- that are bestowed upon us. When my time on planet Earth comes to a close I want to be able to say that I have stewarded everything I have had well and that I have created something of value to pass onto the next generation.

I am still a young woman. I have only been alive a short twenty-five years, my life has barely begun. I realize that this sort of thinking is more characteristic of people twice my age, those in their mid-life or later. People often look back at what they have or have not accomplished and wonder frantically what things of value they can still create in the years they have remaining. Call it, the mid life crisis. During such a "crisis" people often make drastic changes in order to remedy what they may consider to have been wasted years. 

I am completely uninterested in undergoing such a crisis. Out of a desire to prevent such stress and drama, I am wanting to significantly simplify my life. I want to minimalize my possessions, downsize my living space and maximize the simple pleasures that make my life such a joy. 

This blog is going to be about that: filling my life with less stuff and more joys. You can expect posts about orginization, minimizing, and downsizing. But also expect posts about maximizing on this amazing adventure called life. I am an equestrian by profession, so beautiful animals and the great outdoors are bound to find their way into this blog. And you can also be sure to see a lot of the little beings that I share my life with. Those that I love are what make my life rich. I am also an artist and a crafter. Although I do not intend to make this blog about my art, it will be present. And of course, there will be samplings of recipes. After all, isn't great food half of what enjoying life is all about?

Thank you for joining me on this adventure. 

Miranda Joy

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